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A Day in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam - houses along canal

ABOVE: Houses along an Amsterdam canal.

Our daughter wanted to visit Anne Frank House on Prinsengracht near the Westerkerk. One glance at the line of people outside quickly changed her mind, however--especially when she overheard someone remark that the waiting time was at least 30 minutes.

Amsterdam - Magna PlazaLeaving Anne Frank to the mob of patient British and Dutch tourists, we wandered through the retail district and reflected on how busy it was compared to the typical American city on a Saturday afternoon.

We couldn't resist stopping at Magna Plaza (right), on the Dam Square opposite the Royal Palace. This handsome structure was built in 1899 as Amsterdam's central post office. Today, its arcaded interior has been converted into a shopping center.

 Tip: Public restrooms are located upstairs in Magna Plaza. The ladies' room offers a nice view from the sinks, which are located in a corner bay window.

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