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Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel

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The Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel is just around the corner from a canal and lock. Centraal Station, where frequent trains connect the city with Schiphol Airport, is a three-minute walk from the hotel.


Room 215 is typical of the hotel's newly renovated guestrooms. It has a large bed, a big flatscreen TV, a sofa, a well-equipped bathroom, and a courtyard view.


The Koepelkerk, a 17th Century Lutheran church that the hotel has leased since 1975, is licensed for weddings but is used mostly as a conference center.

In the large photo above, a retractable screen hangs from the carved wooden case of the Koepelkerk's restored pipe organ. The screen can be raised to expose the pulpit, which is accessible via a staircase.


This picture shows the Koepelkerk's main floor and balcony illuminated for an anniversary party.  (The church can accommodate events of 10 to 700 people--everything from corporate meetings to wedding receptions.)


The Koepelcafé, an authentic "brown café," became part of the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel when the hotel's real-estate parcel was acquired. It's a pleasant old-fashioned pub with wooden floors, mahogany paneling, and traditional Dutch atmosphere.

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