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ABOVE: Club Med 2 is a successor to the original Club Med ship, now the Wind Surf of Windstar Cruises (shown at anchor in Dubrovnik, Croatia).

Club Méditeranée is best known for its resort villages, but the international holiday organization does have one cruise ship: the Club Med 2, a modern five-masted sailing vessel. Although Club Med primarily targets a French audience with its cruises, it does accept bookings from English-speaking travelers.

Club Med 2's European destinations typically include ports in the Mediterranean and Adriatic, and Aegean. Transatlantic voyages may be offered in the spring (eastbound) and fall (westbound).

Warning: Club Med's Web site tends to be maddeningly lacking in information--especially for travelers who want to plan ahead--so if you're set on cruising in Europe with the Club Med 2, you may need to make inquiries about current or future itineraries.

Cruise line's Web site:

Club Med 2 Cruises

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