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Day 6: Hvar, Croatia (2)

Franciscan monastery and beach in Hvar

Hvar beach

Hvar waterfront with swimmers

After leaving the pier, we walked toward Hvar's Franciscan Monastery and its 16th Century church. Next to the monastery, sunbathers and swimmers (mostly families) were enjoying themselves on a small protected beach.

L'Austral in Hvar, Croatia

Several dozen small boats were moored near the beach, with their bows pointing toward the sea and L'Austral

Souvenir stall in Hvar

God and Mammon had reached a détente behind the waterfront, with a souvenir vendor selling t-shirts alongside the Franciscan monastery and its cross.

Couple with boat and dog in Hvar

Dog in Hvar, Croatia

Not far away, a couple and their dog arrived at the shoreline in an inflatable boat. The dog jumped out of the boat and climbed up the rocks to the sidewalk.

Dog on Hvar waterfront

Friendly Croatian dog

Another friendly dog meandered along the waterfront and stopped to say hello.

Beagle in Hvar, Croatia

A beagle shared a blanket with a mother and her children. (Can you guess which person is holding the ice-cream cone?)

Cheryl Imboden in Hvar, Croatia

Just so we wouldn't seem biased toward swimmers and dogs, Cheryl posed for a waterfront photo with L'Austral in the distance.

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