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From: L'Austral cruise review

Day 7: Rab, Croatia (2)

Rab city wall

A few meters from the tender and catamaran landing, massive fortifications dominated the waterfront.

L'AUSTRAL and rocks of Rab Harbor

L'AUSTRAL in Rab, Croatia

It was a clear day, and L'Austral was photogenic in the clear blue water of Rab's harbor.

Door in Rab city walls

From the fortress overlooking the waterfront, an arched door led into Kaldanac, the oldest part of Rab.

Kaldanac park and statue

Dog-waste receptacle in Kaldanac, Rab, Croatia

The interior of the fortifications had been turned into a small park, with modern amenities such as a statue, walking paths, and a repository for dog waste.

Church tower in Kaldanac, Rab, Croatia

A church tower was visible over the rooftops of houses alongside the park.

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