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L'Austral Cruise Photos

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Pool on L'Austral

L'Austral's Pool is aft on Deck 6. This photo was taken at midmorning on a hot and, sunny day while cruising in the Mouth of Kotor, when most passengers were sleeping in, having a late breakfast, or enjoying the views of Europe's southermost fjord.

Two deck chairs on L'Austral

Towels on L'Austral

Towels are in plentiful supply aboard L'Austral. If you don't find a towel neatly rolled up on your deck chair, you can grab one from a nearby table.

Restaurant Le Rodrigues on L'Austral

Outdoor tables on L'Austral

The Restaurant Le Rodrigues, L'Austral's buffet restaurant, is forward of the pool. Passengers can eat inside or compete for an outdoor table in good weather.

Forward deck chairs on L'Austral

L'Austral has another sunbathing area forward on Deck 6. It's called the Panoramic Terrace, and it offers great views over the bow.

Voyage recorder on L'Austral

If movies like Titanic make you nervous, try not to think too hard about the voyage recorder next to the forward railing on Deck 6.

Panoramic Lounge on L'Austral

When the weather turns bad--or if you simply want to enjoy air conditioning--you can retreat to the Panoramic Lounge (sometimes called the Observatory Lounge) on Deck 6, just behind the open deck above the Bridge.

Observatory Lounge bar on L'Austral

The Panoramic Lounge has an Observatory Bar, although it usually wasn't open until late afternoon during our cruise.

Library books on L'Austral

French Scrabble on L'Austral

A Library section of the Panoramic Lounge has books in several languages, board games, and other diversions.

Internet terminals on L'Austral

The Library also has a row of Internet terminals. (You can pay by the minute or purchase a bundle of 100, 240, or 1,000 minutes at Reception. L'Austral also has Wi-Fi access throughout the ship at the same rates.)

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