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Costa Magica Cruise Photos

From: Costa Magica Cruise Review

Naples (9)

Port of Naples

Soon, we were back on board Costa Magica and waiting for the ship to leave Naples.

In this picture--which was taken from a railing on an upper deck--you can see the roof of the Stazione Marittima with the bow of Cunard's Queen Victoria and a Medmar ferry to Ischia beyond.

SNAV ferry in Naples

Caremar ferry in Naples

Nearby, a long-distance SNAV car ferry prepared to load vehicles, and a Caremar ferry to one of the islands in the Bay of Naples was leaving the harbor. 

Naples - cleats and lines on the Molo Angioino

It was almost time for the crew to retract the lines that tied Costa Magica to the Molo Angioino.

Molo Angioino, Naples

Soon, Costa Magica was underway and leaving the Stazione Marittima behind. (The ship in the photo is the Thomson Destiny, which began life in 1982 as Royal Caribbean's Song of America.)

Stazione Marittima Naples

In this picture of the cruise terminal and the hill behind downtown Naples, Cunard's Queen Victoria (center) is flanked by two SNAV ferries.

Naples pilot boat

Naples breakwater and harbor light

Within minutes, the pilot boat collected the pilota, and Costa Magica passed the harbor breakwater.

Passengers at rail on Costa Magica

Vesuvius and Capri hydrofoil

A handful of passengers stayed by the railings, enjoying the views of Capri, a passing hydrofoil, and Mount Vesuvius.

Costa Magica was now cruising toward Mallorca, Spain, which was slightly more than two nights and 36 hours from Naples by sea.

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