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From: Uniworld River Baroness cruise review

Day 7: Paris


The next morning, we crossed a makeshift gangway to Cezanne, a Nicko Tours river ship that was moored between River Baroness and the Quai André Citroën while awaiting engine repairs.

Cezanne was an older vessel, and its decks didn't align with those on River Baroness. To leave our ship, we needed to follow the gangway to Cezanne's sun deck, take a flight of stairs down to the main deck, and exit onto the pier.

RER "C" line and Quai André Citroën in Paris

Durant was coming down with a cold, so he walked under the RER tracks to the Parc André Citroën and its immediate neighborhood in the 15th Arrondissement while Cheryl went farther afield. (Uniworld offered a choice of several tours at no extra cost, but--like some other River Baroness passengers who were familiar with Paris--the Imbodens played hooky.)

  • Tip: For several hundred pages of Paris travel-planning information, including advice on transportation and sightseeing, go to Paris for Visitors.

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