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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Ajaccio (3)

Durant and Cheryl Imboden in Ajaccio

It was a sunny day, so we took our traditional shadow self-portrait on a sidewalk in Ajaccio.

Street signs in Ajaccio, Corsica

We then went exploring outside of downtown, following a route on our map that led us along a street that had four different names over its short distance: Avenue du 1er Conseil, Avenue de Paris, Cours Grandval, and Cours General Leclerc. (Most cities name streets after famous events, places, or people; in Ajaccio, they name blocks.) 

Public building in Ajaccio

Sign in Ajaccio

We still haven't learned the name of this building along the avenue(s), but we won't forget its imposing façade and impressive gardens.

Grotte Napoleon, Ajaccio

Napoleon statue in Ajaccio, Corsica

In due course, we reached yet another Bonapartean monument: La Grotte Napoleón at the Place d'Austerlitz, where a family of tourists were posing at the top of the steps.

Waterfront statue in Ajaccio

Saying good-bye to the emperor's statue, we walked down a steep hill to a boulevard that led along the water toward the Citadelle and port. We found another statue--this time, of a naked lady--on the seaside promenade.

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