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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Ajaccio (4)

View from Ajaccio waterfront promenade

Citadelle, Ajaccio, Corsica

From the waterfront promenade, we had an excellent view of the Citadelle, or fortress, which guards the southeastern corner of downtown Ajaccio.

Ajaccio playground jungle gym

Ajaccio playground hex climbers

We also discovered a playground with a jungle gym inspired by sailing ships and a group of hexagonal climbing structures.

Skatboard park in Ajaccio

Skateboard park in Corsica

As we walked on, we reached a small skateboard, bike, and scooter park where older children risked life and limb (or at least scrapes and bruises).

Ajaccio beach

Beach in Ajaccio

Two beaches, the Plage Trottel and the Plage Saint-François, were along the waterfront. Swimmers were wading and sunbathing all the way up to the Citadelle and downtown Ajaccio.

Cathedrale de l'Assomption in Ajaccio, Corsica

Just before we reached the Citadelle, we turned inland to admire the Cathédrale de l'Assomption, which is the only cathedral we've seen with a boat in front.

Costa Deliziosa in Ajaccio, Corsica

Back along the water, we took this photo of Costa Deliziosa from a downtown marina, the Port de Plaisance Tino Rossi.

Boat in Port de Plaisance Tino Rossi

We also snapped a picture of a traditional fishing boat in the adjacent Port de Peche.

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