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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Departure from Lisbon (3)

View through arch in Lisbon

The walk downhill from the Castelo de São Jorge offered many delightful views, such as views through an archway in Alfalma and of apartment buildings below:

Apartment buildings in Alfalma, Lisbon

No 12 tram in Lisbon

Another sight was the No. 12 tram, one of Lisbon's many vintage streetcar and cablecar lines.

Jardim Júlio Castilho Lisboa

We took time to enjoy the Jardim Júlio Castilho, a park with a view of the Rio Tejo and the Lisbon waterfront.

Loggia at Jardim Júlio Castilho

A loggia covered the scenic overlook along the front of the park. 

Azulego tiles at Jardim Júlio Castilho in Lisbon

Cheryl Imboden at Jardim Júlio Castilho in Lisbon

Azulejo tiles and flowers added to the garden's appeal.

Worn azulejo tiles in Lisbon, Portugal

So did the deferred maintenance, which made us feel better about work that needed to be done back home.

View of Silver Spirit from Jardim Júlio Castilho in Lisbon

But the park's best feature was the view from beneath the loggia. In this photo, you can see one of Lisbon's many churches and Silver Spirit at the Santa Apolónia pier. 

Public lavatory in Lisbo

On our way down from the Jardim Júlio Castilho, we saw this public lavatory (right), which was on a landing in a series of staircases that zigzagged down the hillside.

Smart Car in Lisbon

As we reached the bottom of the hill, we encountered a Smart Car that looked like a dune buggy (or maybe its body panels had been removed by automotive kleptomaniacs). 

Strawberry vendor in Lisbon

At the Santa Apolónia train station, a vendor was selling delicious-looking strawberries for two euros per kilo, or a little more than one U.S. dollar per pound.

Silver Spirit in Lisbon

Silver Spirit rat guards

Crew member of Silver Spirit in Lisbon

Back at the pier, a sailor was removing and packing up the rat guards from the Silver Spirit's hawsers in preparation for departure.

Later that evening, we saw a rat floating in Silver Spirit's swimming pool--or so we thought. (It turned out to be a rubber rodent that someone had tossed into the pool for laughs.)

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