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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Departure from Lisbon (4)

Lisbon dockworker releases hawsers

Lisbon departure on Silver Spirit

At 1 p.m., the hawsers were released and Silver Spirit departed from Lisbon with the captain and harbor pilot on the bridge.

Passengers on Silver Spirit in Lisbon

In this photo, you can see the Santa Apolónia Cruise Terminal (the low tan building with red-roofed warehouses behind it) and the pastel-blue Santa Apolónia Railroad Station. 

Central Lisbon from Silver Spirit

Within minutes, we were cruising past the Praça do Comércio and downtown Lisbon.

Tejo bridge in Lisbon

It wasn't long until we passed under the Ponte 25 de Abril, the suspension bridge (built in 1966) that crosses the River Tagus or Rio Tejo on the western outskirts of Lisbon.

Saga Ruby

A cruise ship, Saga Ruby, (built in 1973 as the MS Vistafjord) was moored at the old Alcántara Cruise Terminal near the bridge.

Tagus River ferry near Ponte de 25 Abril in Lisbon

Just beyond the Ponte 25 de Abril, a passenger ferry crossed the Rio Tejo from a town on the river's southern bank. 

Torre de Belem

A little farther down the river, we passed the Torre de Belém, a 16th Century tower that once guarded the mouth of the Tagus and is now an historic monument.

Traditionally, the Tower of Belém has represented the point where the Tagus River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon pilot boat

In keeping with that tradition, a pilot boat arrived to collect the harbor pilot shortly after we passed the tower. 

Fortress near Lisbon

We soon cruised past this fortress and entered the open sea.

View from airlock of Observation Lounge on Silver Spirit

A strong wind was buffetting Deck 12 (where we'd been taking pictures), so we retreated to an airlock between the forward section of Deck 11 and the Observation Lounge.

MS Deutschland

MS Deutschland

From inside the Observation Lounge, we could see Peter Deilmann Reederei's MS Deutschland approaching the mouth of the Tagus from the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishing boat near Lisbon

We also saw several tiny boats like these in the ocean, braving the wind and the chop. 

Afternoon tea on Silver Spirit

While the fishermen froze in their boats, we took shelter in La Terrazza, where afternoon tea was being served.

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