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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Port Mahon (7)

Port Mahon on cruise itinerary map

At 6 p.m., Silver Spirit was due to sail from Port Mahon for arrival at Alghero, Sardinia the next morning.

Captain of Silver Spirit on bridge

Port Mahon harbor pilot

Captain Mino Pontillo and the local harbor pilot were on the bridge before the appointed hour.

Silver Spirit departure from Port Mahon

Soon, the lines were cast off and Silver Spirit was underway.

Port Mahon and pier

Silver Spirit's berth was now empty, clearing the way for an unobstructed view of Port Mahon. (In this photo, you can see the port headquarters next to the pier, with the town center high above the waterfront.)

Passengers at rail on SILVER SPIRIT in Port Mahon

Passenger on Silver Spirit

On such a warm and sunny day, few passengers could resist watching--and photographing--Silver Spirit's leisurely passage through the deepest natural harbor in Europe.

Modern housing in Port Mahon

sailboats in Port Mahon, Menorca

Small building in Port Mahon harbor

Along the route of several kilometers, Silver Spirit passed housing developments, boat marinas, and a curious-looking building on the end of a spit.

Speed marker in Port Mahon

Some passengers may have wondered about the meaning of a sign on shore. (It meant "Maximum speed 3 knots.")

Port Mahon harbor mouth from SILVER SPIRIT

The water was still blue and nearly smooth as Silver Spirit approached the harbor mouth.

Pilot boat in harbor of Port Mahon, Balearic Islands

Pilot Boat in Mahon harbor

The pilot boat sped toward the ship, collected the piloto, and returned to port.

Silver Spirit bow

Alghero, Sardinia was just a little more than 13 hours away.

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