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Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh
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Arthur's Seat

As you continue along the path, you'll curve left and head downhill until you reach a junction. To your right, you'll see the Queen's Drive, a road that encircles Holyrood Park. To your left you'll be able to reach several unmarked paths, including at least two with steps and a rugged trail that lead up to Arthur's Seat. This route can be tricky, with loose gravel and occasional rock scrambling, so wear sturdy rubber-soled shoes and watch your footing.

Alternatively, you can follow the sidewalk along the Queen's Drive (the road that encircles the park) until you reach Dunsapie Loch on the back or gently sloping side of Arthur's Seat. From there, follow any of the wide paths up the grassy hillside until you reach the outcropping of volcanic rock near the top, where a trail hewn from the rock will lead you to the summit.

Tip: If you use the steps and rugged path in one direction, do it on the climb, not on the descent. (You'll find it easier to keep your footing, and your knees won't take as much punishment.)

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