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Edinburgh Airport Transportation

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photo LEFT: A taxi rank in Waverley Station.


Cabs take about 20 minutes to reach the city center from Edinburgh International Airport, and the fare is typically around 15. (You'll pay less if your hotel is in Edinburgh West, and a couple of pounds more if you're traveling to a southside location such as the Ben Doran Hotel, Thrums Hotel, the Southside Guesthouse, or the University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls of Residence.)

Tipping is at your discretion; I'd suggest rounding up to the next pound and adding a pound or two.

To get a taxi at the airport, just follow the signs to the taxi rank, which is outside the arrivals hall.

To find a taxi in the city center, go to the nearest taxi rank or--better yet--ask your hotel's concierge or receptionist to prebook a taxi the day before your departure.

For more information about cabs in Scotland's capital, visit the unofficial Edinburgh taxi site at

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