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Stirling, Scotland

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ABOVE: Stirling's railroad station.

How to reach Stirling

Train. Buy a same-day open return ticket from Edinburgh Waverley station. Trains also run from Glasgow. It’s simplest to purchase your tickets in person at the station. See First ScotRail for timetables. (Allow for an hour-long journey from either Edinburgh or Glasgow.)

Bus. First route 38 runs from Edinburgh’s Princes Street to Stirling Bus Station. Travel time is about 2 hours. From Glasgow’s Buchanan Street Bus Station, take First route 24, with a journey of about 1 ½ hours to Stirling. You can buy a day pass from either city.

Car. From Edinburgh, take the M9 motorway north to Stirling. From Glasgow, take the M80. Signs will direct you to the town when you are near.

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