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Bagpipes of Scotland
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Bagpipes photo LEFT: A Scotsman plays the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Web links

General information

The Universe of Bagpipes
Oliver Seeler's all-encompassing piping site has bagpipe descriptions, photos, sound clips, and a handy Illustrated Bagpipe Glossary.

Bagpipe Web Directory
Bob Dunsire serves up hundreds of links to bagpipe bands, clubs, contests, festivals, clothiers, etc. in Scotland and abroad.

Bagpipe makers and dealers

Kilberry Bagpipes
This Edinburgh firm makes bagpipes on the premises, in a workshop that's open to visitors.

R T Shepherd & Son
You've probably never heard of Cardenden, Fife, but the town's resident bagpipe maker ships pipes and reeds to customers in 41 countries.


College of Piping
This nonprofit school in Glasgow offers private lessons, evening classes, and full-time day courses. It also sells instruments, supplies, books, and music by mail order.

Odds and ends

The Bagpipes Go to the Movies
Scott Williams and Alistair B. Fraser have put together a remarkable compendium of films that feature bagpipes. Print it out, then head for your local video store.

Scotland tourism sites

Visit Scotland
The Scottish national tourist board's Web site has a Scotland Guide, touring itineraries, and more.

Scotland for Visitors
Read the articles, explore the links, view the picture galleries. You'll also find news headlines from The Scotsman.

Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board
This well-organized tourism site has information on Edinburgh and its nearby countryside and coast.

The Internet Guide to Scotland
Joanne Mackenzie-Winters wrote this 80,000-word guide, which emphasizes the Highlands and islands of Scotland. 

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