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Caseus Prize - Premio Caseus

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Italian cheeses - photo

ABOVE: More than 420 Italian cheeses made an appearance at the second annual Caseus Prize or Premio Casio competition for the best cheese trolley in Italy.

The Premio Caseus trophy

Caseus Prize banner

The Caseus Prize itself is a solid silver interpretation of a wooden eating utensil traditionally used by shepherds. Twelve runners-up are awarded bronze utensils. The prizes are cast from an original sculpture by Antonello Leone.

Judging criteria and judges

Caseus Prize competitors are judged on the variety and quality of their trolleys' cheeses, and also on how the cheeses are presented. Many of the more than 420 cheeses in the competition are made in small quantities by artisans, using milk from pasture-fed animals that are milked by hand. Few are available outside Italy, and many can be purchased only in the regions where they're made.

The competition jury is as eclectic as the cheese selection: In 2002, judges included Italian food and wine journalists, a vice-president of Slow Food, Italian TV personalities, and a correspondent and gastronomy writer for the Wall Street Journal Europe.

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The Associazione Nazionale Formaggi Sotto il Cielo ("The National Association of Cheeses Under Open-Air Conditions") publishes Caseus (Italian) and Caseus International (English), a beautifully produced magazine of "cheese art and culture." ANOFSC sponsors the Caseus Prize in partnership with Mondo Maratea/Gruppo Fintur and various public entities in the Basilicata region of Italy.

Caseus Prize Photos
These pictures are among the 75 images in my Maratea, Italy photo gallery.

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