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Crime in Europe
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ABOVE: The PacSafe CourierSafe 100 has a layer of steel mesh and a slashproof cable strap. (See PacSafe link below.)

General information

A Safe Trip Abroad
The U.S. State Department gives basic tips on avoiding problems overseas. Also see the department's Country Specific Information.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Travel & Living Abroad
Some experts think the British government's warnings and advice on travel in 200+ countries are less tainted by politics than their American equivalents.

Security products

Passport pouches, money belts, personal alarms, and tamperproof zipper closures are just a few of the security items at Magellan's Travel Supplies.

This U.S.-based company makes day packs, courier bags, and other products that incorporate a protective layer of steel mesh (see inset photo). You can also buy the original PacSafe product, a flexible and lockable cage of steel mesh that can be used to protect an existing backpack. Other products include a portable "TravelSafe," slashproof shoulder straps, purses, neck pouches, and a photo-gear insert for PacSafe's secure duffel bag.

(Note: The links above are provided for information only; we don't get a commission on any sales.)

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Need a car in Europe?

If you live outside the EU, a tax-free tourist car lease can be cheaper than renting for visits of 21+ days. Other benefits:

To compare vehicles and rates, see:

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Traveling by train?

Get free schedules, maps, and guides for 50+ European railroads. (Residents of North and Central America can buy tickets and rail passes online.)

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