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Driving in Europe

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VW Toureg photo

ABOVE: You can drive a VW Touareg on the off-road course at Volkswagen's Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Route planner

Use the "Driving Directions" form to plan your trip, or request an online map from the ViaMichelin database.

Rental and short-term leasing firms

The following companies are partners of Europe for Visitors. (Note: "Buy Backs" or short-term tourist leases are likely to be your best value if you reside outside the European Union, are driving in Europe for at least 17 days, and are able to use the car company's pickup and drop-off locations.)

Auto Europe
Rent a car in any of 4,000+ locations, with guaranteed low rates for equivalent cars.

Peugeot Open Europe "Buy Back" Program
Competitive rates, no hidden insurance costs, a minimum driver age of 18, no maximum age, and a wide choice of car models make this short-term leasing program your best bet if you'll be driving in Europe for at least 17 days.

Renault Eurodrive
This French car company's North American subsidiary offers a program that's similar to Peugeot's (though rates may be slightly higher). Minimum lease period is 21 days.

Rail Europe
Rail 'n Drive Passes combine rail travel with a car rental, so you can share your driving duties with a locomotive engineer.

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Need a car in Europe?

Tourist car leases (21+ days)

If you live outside the EU, a tax-free Renault or Peugeot tourist car lease can be cheaper than renting for visits of three weeks or longer. Minimum driver age is 18, there' s no upper age limit, and rates include insurance.

Car Rentals

Auto Europe makes it easy to find the best car and motorhome rental rates in more than 20,000 locations.


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