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Floriade 2022

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Practical information

Tickets: You'll be able to choose among single tickets, season tickets, or cable car and preview tickets. For details, see the official Floriade Web site below.

Transportation: Before Floriade 2022 begins, information on trains, buses, road access, etc. will be published on the Floriade Web site. (If you arrive by train, you'll get off the train at Venlo Station and take a shuttle bus to the Floriada park.)

Tours: Many companies will offer Floriade tours and excursion packages. Check with your travel agent, or browse the official Web sites below.

Web links
The exposition's official Web site tells you what to expect during your visit.

Lust for Limburg
Learn about Northern Limburg, where Floriade 2022 will take place.

Visit Holland
The Netherlands Board of Tourism has loads of travel information for Europeans and visitors from overseas.

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