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Global Volunteers - Rota, Spain Adriana Kertzer gets a hug from a student in Rota, Spain.

What volunteers say

Thomas P. Valenti has volunteered twice in Ostuni, Italy. He writes:

"Many people who participate in Global's service programs speak of 'life-changing experiences.' And this is from an organization that doesn't  have any religious affiliation and doesn't preach."

Jeanne C. Davis spent two weeks in Ireland, helping to reconstruct a 200-year-old wall. She says:

"Traveling as a tourist will never be the same for me after the meaningful nature of my Global Volunteers experience."

Ron Kensey has volunteered in Kazhakastan and China, made two trips to Poland, and taught business in the Ukraine with Global Volunteers. He writes:

"I've traveled all over the world on business and as a tourist. I'll take traveling as a volunteer any day because you get to know the people and the culture from the inside out, instead of being outside looking in."

To find out more...

First, read our edited e-mail interviews with:

Thomas P. Valenti (Italy)

Jeanne C. Davis (Ireland)

Ron Kensey (Kazhakastan, Poland, Ukraine, China)

Then visit the Global Volunteers Web site at:

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