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Santavenere Hotel
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Hotel Santavenere photo

ABOVE: Aerial view of the Santavenere Hotel in Fiumicello di Maratea, Italy.

Location and layout

The Santavenere Hotel is in Fiumicello, a 10-minute ride from the historic center of Maratea in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy. (See article.) The town's yacht and fishing harbor, Porto di Maratea, is a short walk down the hill from the hotel.

The hotel is built on a bluff above the rocky shoreline of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the photo above, you can just make out the stone balconies of the lower-level rooms beneath the white arches of the hotel façade. These rooms have spectacular views of the sea, Monte San Biagio, and the Statua dei Redentore (Christ Statue) that has become the symbol of Maratea.

The building in the upper right area of the photo is the new "junior suites" wing, and the pink house just beneath it is being converted into an ultra-luxurious suite.

To the left of the hotel, you can see the swimming pool. Just beyond that is a path with safety railing that zigzags down the cliffs to a private beach with a sun terrace, bar, and restaurant. The hotel also has tennis courts below and to the right of the photo.

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