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Learn a Language in Europe

Several years ago, I had a chance to experience something I'd always wanted to try: a "language vacation" at a school in Europe. 

Language Studies Abroad, Inc., an agency that arranges courses for adults in schools on four continents, told me to pick a language and a location. I chose Italian in Siena, Italy--and the resulting language holiday was one of the most delightful and rewarding weeks that I've enjoyed in years. I've turned my experience into a collection of articles and photos:

Language vacations
An overview of "language tourism," with answers to frequently asked questions.
Language agencies
What a "language agency" is, and how an agency like the one that arranged my trip can help you pick the school or program that best fits your needs--or those of the children and teens in your family.
Siena: Language study
A firsthand report of a "language vacation" at the LSA school in Siena, Italy.
Siena: Cooking lessons
Learning teamwork, building vocabulary, and eating great meals outside the language classroom.
Siena: Tourist information - Travel advice and links for language students and other travelers.
Siena: Photo gallery - 112 color photos of Italy's most medieval city, with detailed captions.

On each page of this six-part "megafeature," you'll find a navigation table (like the one below) with links to related articles and the photo gallery. To get started, use the links above. 

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