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Monemvasia - Laconia - Greece
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Hotel Malvasia photo

ABOVE: The Hotel Malvasia is just above the central part of the old town.


The Hotel Malvasia [tel. +30 (0)732 61323] is the most luxurious hotel in Monemvasia, at least if you choose one of the larger rooms or apartments. Its name comes from Malvasia or Napoli di Malvasia, the town's name during the Venetian era. The Kellia, located in a converted monastery, and the Byzantino [tel. +30 (06732 61 254] are other choices in the old town. Rooms and apartments in these hotels are located in restored buildings around the village, offering guests the illusion that they're local residents. The Byzantino also operates the Hotel Lazareto by the causeway that connects the port to the old town.

The Hotel Pramataris is next to the beach, about 1 km from Monemvasia's old town. The 18-room Hotel Filoxenia is nearby.

If you can't get accommodations in any of these hotels, or if you'd like to explore other options when you arrive in Monemvasia, visit Malvasia Travel in the port [tel. +30 (0)732 61 752].


Camping Paradise is 4 km or 2 miles from town. It's open year-round and accommodates both tents and RVs.


To Kanoni has been featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, and other English-language publications. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner indoors or on sunny terraces.

Other restaurants in the old town include Mariantha's Taverna (recommended by Fodor's), Matula's Taverna (the town's oldest restaurant). The Castellano is in the Hotel Lazareto by the causeway, and you'll find other places to eat or drink along the waterfront of the port (a.k.a. Gefira or Yefira).

Other businesses

Monemvasia isn't a shopping paradise, but you'll find a number of tastefully furnished boutiques and souvenir shops in the old town. In one of the pleasant little shops on the main street, I found the perfect souvenir: an illustrated book titled Monevmasia: The Town and its History for only six euros.

If you're looking for a supermarket, head for the port, where there's a well-equipped grocery just beyond the tavernas and shops on the waterfront.

For gasoline, try the port or the service station along the causeway.

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