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Ribe photo

ABOVE: A view of Ribe from the Cathedral tower, where--if you're lucky--you may see a stork flying to its nest.

How to reach Ribe

Ribe is 30 km (19 mi) from the North Sea ferry terminal at Esbjerg, or 50 km (31 mi) north of Tønder near the German border. If you're driving from Copenhagen, take the E66 to the junction with highway 32 near Vejen, then head southwest on 32 to Ribe. Driving is simple enough: Just buy a map and follow the highway signs. (We recommend the 1:200000 Færdselskort map series from Denmark's Geodætisk Institut, which are available in most Danish bookstores.)

For tips on travel by air, train, or bus, see the Ribe Tourist Office's Web site (link below).

DFDS Seaways has year-round ferry service between England and Esbjerg. See page 4 for a link to DFDS.

Tourism links

Ribe Tourist Office
This well-organized site has nearly everything you need to know about Ribe: history, sights, accommodations, restaurants, maps, photos, and more. (Click the Union Jack icon for English-language information.)

Ribe VikingeCenter
From May through September and in Denmark's autumn half-term, you can experience Viking life from 720 to 980 AD at this open-air museum on Ribe's outskirts.

Denmark's largest nature preserve has seals, millions of migratory birds, and exhibits on life in the marshes and tidewater areas near Ribe.


In addition to the listings at the Ribe Tourist Office (see above), try these Web sites:

Hotel Dagmar
"Denmark's oldest hotel in Denmark's oldest town" has 50 double rooms and is located by the Cathedral.

Danhostel Ribe
Click the Union Jack for information on Ribe's Youth and Family hostel, which is a member of Hostelling International (IHYA) and has 40 rooms, most with private facilities.

Vacation Apartment
This attractively furnished studio in the middle of town has a "tea kitchen" and a riverside garden. A blue dot on the map shows the apartment's location.

Restaurant Saelhunden
Enjoy fresh fish, beef, ostrich, and other specialties in a 400-year-old building overlooking the Ribe River.

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