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Tivoli Gardens

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Tivoli's main entrance doesn't look mobbed in this photo, but be prepared to stand in line interminably at the ticket window during high season--unless you're carrying the Copenhagen Card, which will let you bypass the ticket line. (Just show your card to the ticket collector at the park gates.)

Tivoli street

Tivoli has gardens, lakes, bandshells, fountains, and streets like these (which are hybrids of a village and an amusement park).

Tivoli boat ride

A diminutive Dane enjoys a boat ride at Tivoli.

Tivoli Ferris wheel

Morten Bjarnhof took this picture of a Ferris wheel whirling above Tivoli's visitors and treetops.

Faergekroen restaurant

The thatched-roof restaurant Faergekroen overlooks a lake.

Pirateriet restaurant

Nearby, Pirateriet--a family-friendly restaurant with a pirate motif--serves Caribbean-themed meals on the frigate Sct. Georg IIII.

Tivoli Pagoda Chinese restaurant

The Chinese Tower is another restaurant on Tivoli Lake. It serves a Chinese buffet and Danish dishes, and its Chinese chefs come from Hong Kong.


Nimb, in a Moorish-themed building formerly known as The Bazaar, opened in 2008 as a boutique hotel with restaurants and a bar (including a terrace restaurant in good weather).

Tivoli drill team

Take time out from eating and amusement rides to watch the daily Tivoli parade, featuring a children's drill team and a pint-sized version of the royal family.

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