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Hotel Diplomat Stockholm

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 Public rooms

The Hotell Diplomat (as the hotel is known in Swedish) has three lounges: a comfortable seating area with a fireplace near the reception desk, a quiet lounge one flight up that doubles as a venue for private meetings or cocktail parties, and an upstairs cocktail bar that has been presided over by Clas Rystam for 30 years.

On the ground floor, T/BAR serves triple duty as a bar, restaurant, and breakfast room that's popular with local business people and residents of the Östermalm district. The decor is modern, the atmosphere is lively, and the large glass windows offer views of pedestrian traffic on Strandvägen.

Tip: Free copies of the International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal Europe, USA Today, Financial Times, and other daily newspapers are available in the lobby lounge. If you'd like to check your e-mail or look up travel information on the Web, ask the receptionist for the login password before using the free computer near the business center.


For tourists who enjoy walking, the Hotel Diplomat is hard to beat. It's roughly equidistant from the downtown business district, the Vasa Museum and other attractions of Djurgården, and the Royal Palace on Gamla Stan. The surrounding streets offer a wide choice of shops, restaurants, and even a neighborhood movie theatre. Excursion boats and the 100-year-old Djurgården ferries depart from slips near the hotel.

The central railway station and Arlanda Express airport-train are about 1.5 km (1 mile) from the Hotel Diplomat. The Östermalmstorg station of the Tunnelbana (subway) is about three blocks inland; from there, it's only one stop to the trains at T-Centralen, two stops to Gamla Stan, and three or four stops to SoFo and the other trendy bar, restaurant, and shopping areas of Södermalm.

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