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Hotel Diplomat

From: Stockholm Hotels

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 If you're looking for an attractive, traditional four-star hotel that's close to tourist sights and shopping, the Hotel Diplomat deserves a place on your short list.

The family-owned hotel occupies a Jugend Style mansion on Strandvägen, the elegant waterfront boulevard that connects the city center with the museum and park island of Djurgården. During the Great Depression, the Romanian, Canadian, and Iranian embassies replaced the building's apartment tenants, and a boarding house--Strandägspensionatet--took over the first floor. In the 1960s, the embassies moved out and the Malmström family converted the east wing of the building into the 128-room Hotel Diplomat.

The Diplomat is currently in the midst of a renovation program. I spent a week in one of the older singles, which was comfortable but a bit austere. The new rooms (see small left photo above) are much more attractive, with a decor by architect Per Öberg that combines restored Art Nouveau architectural details with furniture and fabrics that were inspired by 1950s Swedish Modern design. Swedish DUX beds are another luxury touch.

photoThe Hotel Diplomat's more expensive rooms have small iron balconies overlooking the harbor, with delightful views of boat traffic and the historic buildings on the opposing waterfront. Still, I was quite happy with the view from my room on the western side of the hotel (see inset photo), which took in neighboring buildings and a courtyard. My room felt light and airy despite its location, thanks to its high ceilings, tall French windows, and white walls.

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