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Mercedes-Benz Museum

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The Mercedes-Benz Museum opened in May, 2006. Its innovative design uses techniques that were developed for bridge-building.

Mercedes-Benz museum atrium photo

Elevators climb the concrete walls of the museum's atrium. Automotive movie clips are projected during the ride up, giving you a foretaste of the Mercedes-Benz Museum experience.


From the museum's eighth or top floor, you can walk down ramps that give a choice of two tour routes: the "Legend" route (showing the development of the autombile) and the "Collection Route" (with vehicles and other exhibits grouped by function).


These two vehicles are from the Legend 1 collection, "Pioneers -- The Invention of the Autombile, 1886 to 1900." The two cars in the photo are Karl Benz's "Velo" (1894) and the earlier Benz Patent Motorwagen (1886).



Vehicles on display range from sports and passenger cars to trucks and buses (among them, the Bundesrepublik Deutschland Weltmeisterschaft football-team bus behind the vintage roadster in the picture above).


Mercedes-Benz has a long racing tradition, and race cars from different eras are displayed on a simulated track.

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