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Gasthaus Barthels Hof

From: Leipzig, Germany

Barthels Hof Leipzig LEFT: Barthels Hof was built in 1871 and renovated in 1996. The Renaissance façade was added in 1872, but it's older than the building behind it: According to, the façade was taken from a structure dating back to 1523 and is "the oldest fragment of a Leipzig bourgeois building façade."

Gasthaus Barthels Hof is a restaurant-tavern in Barthels Hof, the oldest shopping arcade in Leipzig. From just beyond the restaurant's entrance on Hainstrasse, a passage leads to Leipzig's historic Market Square. The passage and its courtyard were once used for merchants' trade or sample fairs, which were a staple of Leipzig commercial life in the 19th Century.

The Gasthaus has several dining rooms, and you can drink or dine in the paved courtyard in nice weather. Meals range from a buffet breakfast (served from 7-9 a.m.) to an Altsächsisches Fresserchen Buffet (a kind of German smorgasbord) and a full lunch and dinner menu. The well-prepared dishes include stick-to-the-ribs Saxon cuisine, pasta specialties, salads, and other options.

For more information, or to book a table, visit the Gasthaus Barthels Hof Web site.

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