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Münster, Germany

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ABOVE: From the Prinzipalmarkt, it's only a short walk to Münster Marketing (a.k.a. the Münster tourist office) at Klemensstrasse 10.

Münster tourist information

When you arrive in Münster, head for Münster Information at Heinrich-Brüning-Strasse 9, in the front of the new city hall near the Lambertikirche in the city center. You'll find a helpful desk staff, plus racks filled with free brochures about the city and the surrounding Münsterland region. A doorway leads to an office where you can arrange for a hotel room if you've arrived without a booking.

Be sure to pick up the free English-language Münster City Guide, a brochure with with chapters on the city's history, art and culture, shopping, guided tours, and other topics. The guide includes a city map that's keyed to descriptions of 50 churches, monuments, museums, and other sights. The monthly German-language Münster Live magazine is another useful publication, with day-by-day listings of concerts, plays, exhibitions, and other events.

  • Tip: Many publications, including the Münster City Guide, are available as downloadable PDF documents on Münster Marketing's English-language Information Material page.

photoMünster Information is open from 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. You'll also find an information desk in the historic Rathaus and a comprehensive Münster Marketing Web site in English.

Information for disabled travelers: See the handicapped access section of this article's transportation page.

Maps: The map in the Münster City Guide and other city brochures is all that you're likely to need, though you may want to buy the Official Münster City Map (1:20,000) or another larger map that includes the suburbs if you're driving in Münsterland or staying outside of town. If want a really good map, visit the Poertgen Herder bookstore and buy the Bollmanplan Bildplan + Stadtplan: Münster. This outstanding "bird's-eye view" picture map, which is part of a series from Bollmann-Bildkarten Verlag, is both a useful map and a fine souvenir.

Guidebooks: Münster: Stadt des Westfälischen Friedens is a detailed, nicely illustrated, and affordable guidebook for visitors who read German. We bought our copy at Poertgen Herder in the center of town. The multi-level bookstore has a large assortment of regional books and maps. If you read only English, not to worry: The tourist office's publications will tell you everything you need to know.

More information: In addition to the helpful resources at the official Münster Marketing Web site, you'll find articles and touring tips in the Münster pages at Historic Highlights of Germany.

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