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Intercity-Express Photos

From: Germany's ICE Trains

ICE train in Cologne

An ICE train of the German Federal Railways leaves Cologne's Hauptbahnhof.

Cologne Hohenzollern Bridge photo

Another Intercity-Express prepares to cross the Hohenzollern railroad and pedestrian bridge in Cologne.

Lahntal Bridge photo

A multi-unit ICE 3 train crosses the Lahntal Bridge north of Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt International Airport railroad station

An ICE 3 train delivers passengers to the terminals at Frankfurt International Airport.

ICE train boarding photo

A family boards an ICE train with help from a conductor.

ICE first-class seats

In first class, open coaches have 1 + 2 seating.

ICE second-class seats

Second-class seating is 2 + 2. Note the coat closet on the left side of the aisle.

ICE BordRestaurant photo

Some ICE trains have BordRestaurants, while others offer more casual BordBistros. You can also drink, snack, or (in first class) have a meal served at your seat.

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