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Siena Cooking Classes

From: Siena, Italy

Siena Italy cooking courses LEFT: Chef Serena Massari teaches an optional cooking class at Siena's Dante Alighieri language school.

During the summer months, the Dante Alighieri language school in Siena expands its curriculum to include opera, art history, literature, and the culinary arts. But even in the off-season, the school has several optional cooking classes each week for language students who want to practice Italian while getting hands-on experience with Tuscan cuisine.

I attended two of these classes, which took place in a separate facility with a large restaurant-style kitchen and dining room. Most of my colleagues were dabblers like me, but several were accomplished cooks.

The classes were different (and more fun) than I expected. The teacher, Chef Serena Massari, used a hands-on workshop approach. Instead of watching a lecture, we were put to work in teams under our chef's supervision. On page 2 and page 3, I'll tell you what we cooked and what happened with the food afterwards.

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