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Hampton Court Palace

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ABOVE: The Hampton Court Music Festival features international stars like Nigel Kennedy, Van Morrison, and Joaquín Cortés.

Special events

Hampton Court Palace offers special performances, exhibitions, and festivals throughout the year. Several of the most famous take place annually:

  • June: The Hampton Court Palace Festival appeals to a variety of musical tastes, with nightly performances that range from Baroque chamber music with fireworks to opera to jazz, blues, and soul.

  • July: The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the world's largest horticultural show, with displays from more 150 British nurseries. The Royal Horticultural Society boasts that the show has "of the greatest annual gatherings of roses in full bloom in the world."

  • Christmas season: From December until early January, Hampton Court Palace has special holiday events. There's even a Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink where you can skate with the palace's Tudor walls and battlements as a backdrop.

In addition, the Historic Royal Palace staff choose a theme each year that might range from "Jacobean Cookery" to "Shakespeare at Hampton Court Palace" to "The Year of the Garden." Special events are built around these themes. To see what's during the current year, visit the Hampton Court Palace section of

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