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Hampton Court Palace

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photo LEFT: Henry VIII's Great Hall is richly decorated with gilded woodcarvings, stained glass, and priceless tapestries.

State Apartments

Along with the Tudor Kitchens (see next page), Henry VIII's State Apartments are the most popular attraction inside the palace.

The Great Hall (shown above) is the palace's largest and most impressive room, with an ornate carved-wood ceiling and a collection of Flemish tapestries that date back to the 1540s. The tapestries, each of which is said to have cost the equivalent of a modern-day battleship, are maintained by a world-renowned Textile Conservation Studio on the palace grounds.

The Chapel Royal, where Henry VIII worshipped, is still a consecrated Anglican church. It's open for visits from Monday through Saturday, and you can worship with the choir on Sundays.

Other worthwhile sights include the King's Apartments of William III, the Queen's State Apartments of Mary II, and the palace's courtyards and cloisters.

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