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Hampton Court Palace

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ABOVE: Hampton Court Palace is easy to reach by commuter train from London's Waterloo Station.

How to reach the palace

By train. South West commuter trains run at 30-minute intervals from London Waterloo Station to Hampton Court. The trip takes 32 minutes, and the palace is only a two-minute walk from the station. See South West Trains or TheTrainLine for more information.

By boat. Westminster Passenger Services offers riverboat trips from Westminster Pier, with stops at Kew and Richmond. The trip normally takes three hours one way. Turk Launches has service from Richmond and Kingston from April to mid-September; the company also rents motorboats and rowboats at the Palace Boathouse.

By car or bus. See Hampton Court Palace's "How to Find Us" page for highway directions, a map link, and information on bus routes.

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