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Kensington Palace, London

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ABOVE: The King's Gallery was built to showcase the royal art collection.

State Apartments

From the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, you'll go one flight up to the State Apartments, which are divided into several areas:

  • The King's Apartments were decorated during the reigns of William III, George I, and George II. As you tour the rooms, you'll get an idea of how court life functioned in the 17th and 18th Centuries. (In the not too distant future, the palace staff hope to let visitors enter the apartments via the King's Grand Staircase as courtiers did more than 200 years ago.)

  • The Queen's Apartments have a more domestic flavor, with rooms such as a drawing room, bedchamber, and dining room used by Queen Mary until her death in 1694.

  • The Victorian Rooms are a three-room suite that was occupied by Queen Victoria (then Princess Victoria, the Duchess of Kent) until she ascended to the throne and moved to Buckingham Palace in 1837.

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