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Civitavecchia Photo Gallery

From: Civitavecchia (Port of Rome)

Porta Livorno - Civitavecchia

Porta Livorno Civitavecchia

PosterThe 11th edition of Franco Ciambella's Frammenti: Sotto le Stelle ("Fragments: Under the Stars") took place here, at the historic Porta Livorno gate in the port of Civitavecchia.

The show, subtitled "Moda, musica, e solidarietá" ("Fashion, music, and solidarity") was an odd blend of fashion models displaying a seemingly endless succession of gowns and bridal dresses, modern ballet by young performers from a Civitavecchia dance studio, speeches by local dignitaries, interminable talk by a pair of female presenters, and music.

The show went on for more than three hours, and its high point was a series of songs by Irene Fornaciari, a talented Italian pop star who sings in both her own language and English--and in a variety of styles, at that. (See Irene Fornarciari videos on YouTube.)

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