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Affordable Zürich hotels

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Zürich Beer Halls
Rub shoulders with the natives while enjoying Swiss-German comfort food at Bierhalle Kropf, the Zeughauskeller, or the Rheinfelder Bierhaus.

Zürich and Geneva Restaurant Trams
In Switzerland, streetcars aren't just for transportation--you can also enjoy a meal with beer or wine while touring by public transit.


Shop in some of Europe's finest stores, enjoy hot chocolate and pastries, or open a Swiss bank account on the most elegant street in Switzerland.

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Zürich's greatest church was founded 900 years ago--possibly by the Emperor Charlemagne

Lake Zürich by Steamer
Cruise two hours to Rapperswil, the historic "town of roses," or sample the Zürisee's attractions aboard a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner boat.

Layover in Zürich
If you have several hours between flights, here's what to do and see.

UBS Polybahn
The "little funicular that could" hauls 1.6 million passengers a year from the Zürich riverfront to a hillside university campus with a great view of the city.

Zürich Airport
Where but in Switzerland would engineers have invented a baggage cart that goes down escalators to an underground train station?

Zürich Trams and Buses
Zip around Switzerland's largest city with the VBZ Züri-Linie.

Zürich's Street Parade
Since its modest beginnings in 1992, this annual summer event has grown into a parade with 30 music floats that entertain 400,000 to 500,000 house and techno music fans.

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