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Kleine Scheidegg - Jungfraujoch - Grindelwald - Wengen - Switzerland

ABOVE: Kleine Scheidegg, gateway to the Jungfraujoch, is an easy hike at moderate altitudes from Wengen or Grindelwald (SNTO.

Health benefits of a mountain vacation *

Some 2,000 parameters were checked before, during, and after the test subjects' vacations. After a three-week stay, the tested vacationers:

  • had better heart and circulation, with lower bloodpressure and pulse levels. Some were able to lower dosages of blood-pressure medications or stop taking them altogether under medical supervision.
  • showed significant improvement in blood-sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • had an average weight loss of about two kilos (five pounds), even though they weren't on special diets.
  • slept better and longer than before.
  • showed improved reaction times.
  • had higher counts of young red blood cells, due to the increase of oxygen in the blood.
  • experienced a "positive neuro-psychological effect," as shows by a clear and sustained decline in subjective ailments and a more positive attitude toward life.

* SOURCE: First results of the pilot study AMAS 2000 in Lech, Austria; supplied by the Austrian National Tourist Office in New York.

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