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Interlaken, Switzerland
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Interlaken, Switzerland - Unterseen Church LEFT: Unterseen Church, against the cliffs behind Interlaken.

Rail excursions

Railways are everywhere in this lovely region, thus easing the toils of the tourist--curving through the valleys, crossing high bridges over the torrents and going into dark tunnels, while the steep mountain sides are scaled by rack-and-pinion lines of daring construction. Up to the top of the Schynige Platte the visitor is thus lifted, to an elevation of over sixty-five hundred feet to enjoy an admirable view of the entire Oberland range.

Another route penetrates the Lauterbrunnen Vale almost to the base of the towering Jungfrau, coming to the Lauterbrunnen Village, about eight miles from Interlaken, deep down in a narrow rocky valley through which the rapid Lütschine rushes, and where the sun's rays do not penetrate into very late in the morning.

Here there are springs and streams everywhere, and hence its name means "nothing but springs." It is great in wet weather, when all the waters are running, and its best known cataract is the Staubbach, the "spraybrook," this famous stream coming down a vertical wall of limestone almost one thousand feet high, in a single leap from a jutting rock, most of the water being converted into spray during the descent, so that it resembles a silver veil blown by the winds, or as the poet says, "like a downward smoke, slow-dropping veil of thinnest lawn."

High above the western side of this deep valley at an elevation of about fifty-four hundred feet, is the hamlet of Mürren, built on a terrace, up to which the visitor mounts by a cable and electric railway. From here and the adjacent more elevated summit of the Allmendhubel there is a famous view across the intervening vale of the entire Jungfrau range, and its vast expanse of snow-covered peaks and extensive glaciers.

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Articles on the region

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