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Tipping in Switzerland and Austria
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Tipping is more prevalent in Austria than in Switzerland, especially in Vienna. The figures below are approximate; don't be shy about tipping more if you're feeling generous. Amounts are in Euro (€), the currency that replaced the Schilling in early 2002.

Restaurants. Round up the bill, or tip 5-10% (The fancier the establishment, the higher the percentage.) Tip in cash, handing the gratuity directly to the server, or tell the server how much the bill should be (including tip) before he or she makes change.

Hotels. Tip porters € 1 per bag and leave a similar amount for the chambermaid each day unless you're staying in a rockbottom pension.

Taxis. Tip 10%, or round up to a higher amount on short trips.

Lavatory attendants. € .50.

Barbers and hairdressers. Give 10-15%, plus € 1 to the person who washes your hair if applicable.

Theatres and concert halls. € .50-1 for the usher, ÍS .50 to the hat- or coat-check attendant.

Gas-station attendants. € 1 if the attendant fills your tank, washes the windshield, etc.

Railroad and airport porters. Tip € .50 per bag in addition to the official fee.

Sightseeing-tour guides.  €1 at the end of the tour, or more for a longer tour or if you were especially pleased with the guide's services.

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