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Vegetarian Restaurants in Switzerland

Vegetarian restaurants in Switzerland Whether produced by hand or in modern factories, Swiss cheeses are a widely available meal option for vegetarians. (STNO)

If you're a visiting vegetarian, you have several dining options in Switzerland:

Order an omelette or cheese. Many restaurants and hotel dining rooms have omelettes on the menu, and cheese is often available. Rösti, made from shredded potatoes pressed into a skillet and browned in butter, is another tasty (if not especially healthy) dish. Swiss restaurants nearly always display menus outside, so you can window-shop before you enter.

Dine in restaurants that serve fondue and raclette. Cheese fondue (made with Emmentaler and Gruyère cheeses) is popular in the Valais, in ski resorts, and at big-city restaurants that specialize in Switzerland's famous dunk-and-dine dish. If you've had your fill of bread cubes dipped in melted cheese, try raclette, where the chef heats a wheel of cheese by a fire, carves a gob of molten cheese onto your plate, and serves it with boiled new potatoes, pickles, and pickled onions.

Look for ethnic restaurants. Pizzerias, Italian restaurants that serve a wide variety of pasta dishes, and Indian restaurants are likely to have meatless choices on the menu.

Enjoy vegetarian restaurants. In the larger cities, the tourist offices can steer you to restaurants that specialize in vegetarian fare. For restaurant listings and Web links, see page 2.

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