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Cruises that begin or end in Venice use either of two terminal areas: The main Stazione Marittima basin or the smaller San Basilio pier. For more information (including advice on ground transportation and hotels), see our index of cruise articles here or by typing "" into your browser.

Below are three satellite-photo maps:

  • The top photo gives an overview of the cruise port, with the Bacino Stazione Marittima on the left and the San Basilio terminal to the right, in the entrance to the Giudecca Canal above the caption "Tronchetto - Lido di Venezia."

  • The second photo is a close-up of the Marittima basin, with a cruise ship and several of the basin's terminals visible. The entrance to the port is near the top of the photo. In the upper right corner, you can see the Marittima station of the People Mover tramway that stops at the port on its way between the Tronchetto parking island and the taxis and airport buses at Piazzale Roma.

  • The third photo shows the San Basilio pier, which is used by small to mid-size cruise ships and hydrofoil ferries to Croatia. Land taxis arrive and depart behind the long red-roofed terminal building. Just to the right ofthe pier, across a small footbridge, you can see the S. Basilio waterbus stop, where the No. 2 vaporetto provides frequent service to the Piazza San Marco, the Piazzale Roma, and other places of interest. An excellent hotel, the San Sebastiano Garden, is only a short walk from the pier along the Fondamenta San Sebastian.

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