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Brek Self-Service Restaurant

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Bar Ristorante Brek - Venezia

It's easy to miss Brek as you walk up the Rio Terà Lista di Stagna, especially if the street is more crowded than in this photo. Look for the white "Ristorante Bar Brek" Sign hanging over the street. Don't be put off by the ordinary-looking snack bar inside the doorway--the ristorante is to the rear, in a climate-controlled dining room.

Brek menu

Blackboard menus show what's being served on any given day. To check Brek's current offerings online, see the "Brek Menu" page at the company's Web site.

Brek buffet

We showed a smaller version of this photo on page 1, but for an even better look at Brek's buffet, click here. You'll be shown a photo that's 800 pixels wide, or several times the size of this image. (The picture will be displayed in a new browser window that you can close after viewing.)

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