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An Apartment in Cannaregio

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Bedrooms and Bathroom


The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed, two antique dressers, and generous closet space. Like the second bedroom (shown below), it has parquet floors for winter comfort.


The second bedroom is smaller, with much of its floor area being occupied by a large bed. We didn't use the bed during our stay, but Cheryl did hang some of her clothes in the modern storage units (which are concealed behind the closet doors).


This fisheye view of the spacious bathroom doesn't show the modern toilet or the shower stall, which are around the corner on the right, beyond the mirrored door of a built-in storage cabinet. The bathroom is paved in marble tile.

The only thing that could use improvement is the shower: Its dual curved doors have a small gap (so be careful where you point the shower head), and hot water is in short supply unless the apartment's heat is turned up.

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