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Venice Cruise Terminals

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ABOVE: Passengers board the Costa Classica at the Marittima terminal.

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Port of Venice Web links

Venezia Terminal Passeggeri
The official VTP site has English-language information about Venice's cruise facilities, including maps and ship schedules. (In addition to cruise information, the VTP offers details about ferries and hydrofoils that operate from the port.)

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Transportation to the cruise port (departing passengers)
Transportation from the cruise port (arriving passengers)
How to reach your ship when you cruise from Venice, and how to get to the airport or your hotel when you arrive at the Marittima basin or San Basilio pier.

Venice Cruise Terminal Hotels
Our illustrated article describes hotels that are convenient to either Marittima or San Basilio. (If you're in a hurry or using a smartphone, see QuickVenice: Marittima Hotels and QuickVenice: San Baslio Hotels.

Venice for Cruisers - Index
Learn about port transportation (to or from your ship), roundtrip cruises from Venice, and more.

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