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Venice Airport Boat (2016)

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ABOVE: A couple enjoys a snuggle during the Alilaguna boat ride to Marco Polo Airport.

Buying Alilaguna tickets and boarding boats

  • photoAfter you've claimed your baggage, leave the terminal building and go left on the sidewalk outside the building. Near the end of the sidewalk, to the left of the doors, you'll see a sign for Alilaguna boats and water taxis. For pictures and details, see our illustrated step-by-step directions to the Alilaguna water bus and water taxi piers, which are a 7- to 10-minute walk from the terminal.

  • Click the Alilaguna link below for current timetables. (Most routes operate at one-hour intervals, but you can kill time in the café by the pier if you've got a long wait for the next boat.)

  • Normally, you buy your tickets at the Alilaguna booth by the pier. (The public-transportation counter in the arrivals terminal also sells Alilaguna tickets.) If the ticket booth is closed, not to worry: You can pay the conductor on the boat for a small surcharge.

A note about luggage

When you board the boat, the conductor will take suitcases and stow them for you. At the end of the ride, get off the boat and wait for the Alilaguna staff to unload suitcases onto the pier.

Alilaguna and ACTV boat schedules

Check the airport boat's site for current timetables, fares, a route map, and other information.

Venice's public transportation system offers route maps, timetables, and other water and land bus information online. (Please note that ACTV is a separate operation from Alilaguna, with its own tickets and fares.)


ABOVE: An Alilaguna airport boat leaves the Murano Museo stop.

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