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Venetian Carnival Masks

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Venice Carnival
This three-page article offers historical background, practical information, and Carnival photos. It also has links to official and unofficial Carnival Web sites.

Venice Carnival Dates
Plan your trip to the Carnevale di Venezia with this calendar.

Venice Master Artisans
This remarkable large-format, 272-page book has 210 color photos and 30 profiles of artisans who use traditional techniques to make a variety of crafts--including carnival masks.

Web links

Shopping in Venice
Phillip Greenspun's Venice shopping page at Photo.net has a section on masks. Click on the thumbnails to see photos of masks being made at the Laboratorio Artigniano Maschere.

Phototravels.net: Venice Carnival
Frantisek Staud serves up a Carnevale photo collection.

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